The Coaching



Jameson Coaching services are appropriate for athletes of all abilities, from complete novices to aspiring world champions as triathletes, cyclists and runners, focused on helping them achieve more than they ever previously thought possible.

We have a simple philosophy based on helping people achieve their goals through effective research-based training and encouragement at all levels of ambition. The Jameson Coaching style is fairly informal, yet effective, and being tailored to the individual, every athlete will be able to access the level of support that they need to perform. Some athletes just like to plough on, ticking the sessions off, others like regular contact and feedback sessions more often - we are committed to all levels of support.



It’s quite simple and goes a little like this:

  • you complete the relevant forms and send back to your coach

  • they have a read and get to know a bit more about you

  • you arrange a mutually good time for a chat to talk about your current training, lifestyle, family, work, social and other commitments and how we can fit your  training in around this

  • your coach sets you up on TrainingPeaks and devising plan

  • You train!

  • Your plan gets updated every 2 weeks

  • You provide feedback on the plan

  • You instigate an informal phone call with your coach (whenever needed) to monitor your progress, address any concerns, keep you motivated and focused

  • You have ongoing reviews to stay on track and achieve your goals!

  • You get to pick the brains of your coach brains about training, racing, nutrition, mental strategies, race planning

  • You achieve your personal performance goals.

I began working with Joel after winning the 2014 AG World Championships, before which I had been self coached. It was a progression I had been thinking about a lot moving across to 70.3/IM.
Our partnership has been excellent from the first phone call to now where he has conditioned and transformed me for the long course racing.
I believe Joel is a realistic, organised and strategic coach working towards each goal and I am sure I wouldnt have achieved 8:46 for an IM and qualifying for Kona World champs without him
— Neil Eddy - 8:46 IM [Kona qualifier 2017]