Training camps

Jameson Coaching training camps are usually focused on providing the correct loading and emphasis for athletes at the right times in their season. When the term 'Training Camp' is used it often ignites this vision of a massive volume increase and huge 'warrior' type sessions. Sessions you can then post on social media to impress and subsequently go home really tired in the satisfaction that you've smashed yourself. This is definitely fun but not necessarily the best way to make the most from the time away and can often be more destructive than productive. Therefore Jameson Coaching camps look to pinpoint the key focuses at the key times of year.  Don't get me wrong they are usually hard (just ask someone who's been!) but they are thought out and constructed thoughtfully

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Tenerife  - T3 resort [December]

Swim technique analysis is imperative to swim improvements. Whilst the biking and running loading usually increases due to having the time to explore and train its a perfect opportunity to reduce the load and focus on reducing drag and increasing propulsion in the water.

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Southern Spain - Aguilas [January]

A no nonsense camp in Spain where in Jan Feb Mar the weather is beautiful and the roads are quiet! The focus of this camp was getting the volume in on the bike and just an honest focus on strength in all areas. 

Mallorca - Sa Calobra [April]

A popular place to train but this camp had real focus slightly closer to the season so more specificity crept in to the training. The volume wasn't quite as high as early camps but there was some race specific brick sessions with more aerobic low intensity training around them. There was a good mix of strength based sessions and flat fast sessions on the bike to increase raw velocity. 


France -  La Clusaz  [July]

Set in the French Alps this later camp was post mid season break and was to re ignite the hard training to start another build up to the big races for the second half of the year. Those training for Kona will have held back a little early season and this style camp would be the catalyst to start the for focused hard graft


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