I started with Joel at the start of 2016, I struggled with running fast off the bike over the middle distance races. After just a couple of months of coaching I took 8mins off my run over a 70.3 race.
I would recommend Jameson Coaching to anyone looking to transform their race performances... go get a plan!
— Stephen Donnelly - Irish Professional Triathlete

I have worked with Joel since 2012 in preparation for my re-entry into the triathlon world and desire to complete my 1st Ironman distance race since 1990! I’m not an elite athlete and always viewed myself as a ‘completer’ not a ‘competer’, but through a structured and practical approach (real life does get in the way), that fitted around my work/life commitments, Joel guided me through to a successful completion and a re-ignition of my desire to do the best that could do within my physical and time constraints. Over 4-5 years of continuous coaching I have been fortunate enough to win several sprint races, finish in the top 10 overall in 5 or 6 70.3 races and lower my Ironman time by over 85mins.
Joel understands my strengths and weaknesses and tailors my training to exploit those strengths and work on developing my shortcomings and with proven race results to back that up I will continue to work with Joel to hit future targets.
— Nick Ripley

"In 2014 after a couple of years of amateur triathlon racing with some average results, I believed I had the potential to podium and so decided to take on a coach. I was introduced to Joel Jameson by a friend and after dropping Joel an initial message he called me, 45 minuets later after an initial consultation I knew that Joel was going to be the coach for me and I signed up to his monthly coaching subscription.

With only a couple of months left of the 2014 season and having already qualified for the standard age group championships in Canada, Joel worked hard to offer me in the little time that we had the structured training, race advice and guidance It help me towards a 6th place finish which I was delighted with.

Before I had a coach, like most, l used to set my own sessions that were very basic; literally just a swim, a bike or a run with no specific training goals. Over the last 3 years Joel has worked closely with me, his vast knowledge and experience of the sport is evident in his coaching style, making the sessions purposeful and productive. There is a key target to every session and I benefit massively from the measurable structure that Joel’s training offers.

Joel’s coaching style works perfectly for me, particularly as Joel uses training peaks with easy to follow online plans. After my first full winter of training with Joel, in 2015 I achieved my first category win at Ironman Staffs and a 13th overall finish. Later that season I won the London open age group triathlon and took on my first 70.3 world championship in Austria.  

My second full season with Joel led me to category wins in 2016 at Challenge Fuerteventura, Ironman staffs 70.3 and Challenge Peguera as well as a whole host of top results throughout the year in UK events.

Another massive benefit to Jameson coaching for me are the training camps that Joel organises in some of the most amazing locations in Europe. The camps are always cost effective, well structured and bring the most out of myself as an individual. Joel leads the camps and from this we all learn from his example.

Joel understands what I get out this sport and that I want to be a world champ but he also takes into consideration the fact that I have a family, a business and day to day commitments. Im lucky to have found not just a great coach but a good friend. If anyone is looking for the kind of results I have achieved since taking on a coach, Joel Jameson is your man"

                      -- Ian Dempsey - AG Overall Winner London Triathlon, 13th Staffs 70.3 (AG overall win), AG win Challenge Fuerteventura

I’ve been coached by Jameson Coaching since I decided I wanted to qualify for Kona, I knew I had some ability but I had no idea what to do with it! After a phone call and a few weeks training Joel really understood my strengths and weaknesses as an athlete, and importantly the constraints of training alongside my job.
The best thing about being coached by Joel is knowing he has thought aboiut my plan and worked out my key sessions so I dont have to. I can simply concentrate on nailing my sessions, safe in the knowledge the time spent training in well invested.
Always on the end of the phone, Joel is super knowledgeable and quick with feedback. Any questions I have are always answered really quickly which is great.
I have seen massive improvements in all three disciplines and delighted to have secured my Kona qualification less than a year after starting with Joel.
I’am looking forward to smashing my times this year in the run up to World Championships.
— Rhiannon Strickland - AG winner Wales IM (Kona qualifier 2017)